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2013 Tax Year Documentation List

| February 06, 2013
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2013 Tax Year List of Documentation needed to prepare 2012 Income Tax Returns

  1. W-2’s, Earnings Statements, your final 2012 payslip/checkstub, and other documents that establish your earnings from employment.
  2. Your record of tips and other similar income received.
  3. Any other records/documents showing compensation you received.
  4. 1099’s and other statements showing interest earned during 2012.
  5. 1099’s and other statements showing dividends earned during 2012 and year-end statements showing 2012 stock and/or mutual fund activity.
  6. 1099’s and other statements showing tax refunds from state or local governments.
  7. All records necessary to compute your income from self-employment (including mileage logs for miles driven to operate your business).
  8. Statements and documentation relating to any Capital Asset transactions you entered into during 2012.  This includes the purchases and/or sales of stocks/bonds/mutual funds, real estate (including your personal residence), business equipment, other investments (gold, silver, collectibles, etc.), and any other large value items (cars, boats, trailers, etc.) you sold for a gain during the year.  For all sales during the year the documentation from the original purchase is also needed to establish your cost in the asset in order to determine the amount of gain or loss.
  9. 1099R’s and other statements showing pension and annuity income received during 2012.  This includes distributions from IRA’s or 401(k)’s even if you rolled the entire amount over within the allowed 60-day period.
  10. Records relating to rental income and expenses (including mileage logs for miles driven to manage/maintain/repair your rentals).
  11. All K-1’s you have received from your investments, ownership, and involvement in Partnerships, S-Corporations, Trusts, and/or Estates.
  12. All records necessary to compute your income from farms or ranches (including mileage logs for miles driven to operate your farm/ranch).
  13. 1099’s and other statements showing unemployment income received during 2012.
  14. 1099SSA’s and other statements showing your Social Security Benefits for 2012.
  15. Any other documentation relating to income received during 2012.  For example: Gambling winnings, contest winnings, alimony, jury pay, etc.
  16. Closing documents for New Home Purchases and/or Refinances.
  17. Receipts and other documents supporting amounts spent as an educator during 2012.
  18. Current IRA statements and records of IRA contributions/investments made during 2012.
  19. 1098E and other statements showing student loan interest paid during 2012.
  20. Receipts and other documents showing college tuition and fees paid during 2012.
  21. All records relating to payments into and out of a Health Savings Account during 2012.
  22. Records and/or receipts for moving expenses incurred to start a new job or because of a transfer to a new working location by your present employer.
  23. Records concerning alimony payments made or received during 2012 including a copy of the divorce decree establishing the basis for the alimony and the Social Security Number of your ex-spouse.
  24. Records of medical expenses paid during 2012 and insurance reimbursements received (including mileage logs for miles driven for medical reasons).  Include amounts paid for health insurance, long-term care insurance, and/or Medicare coverage.
  25. Records of all tax payments made during 2012 to both federal and state taxing agencies for income taxes, property taxes, etc.  Sales tax may be deductible for 2012.
  26. Interest payments you made for mortgage, business, and investment related loans.  This includes late fees you paid to your mortgage company.
  27. Records and receipts supporting your donations to charitable organizations during 2012 (including mileage logs for miles driven for charitable reasons).  This includes an appraisal for any non-cash donations in excess of $500.
  28. Records of any casualty/theft losses incurred during 2012 including any insurance or other reimbursements received.
  29. Records and receipts for any business expenses you incurred in behalf of your employer during 2012 and any reimbursements received from your employer (including mileage logs for miles driven to perform your employment responsibilities).
  30. A record of dependent/child care payments made so that you could work outside of your home.  Include the name, address, and Tax Identification Number (Social Security Number) of anyone you paid for employment related dependent care during 2012.
  31. Receipts for any energy saving improvements to your main home.
  32. A copy of last year’s income tax returns.  If we prepared your taxes last year we have a copy in my files.
  33. Any correspondence you have received from the IRS or state tax commission during 2012.
  34. Any other records or documents that you feel may have tax implications or significance in the preparation of your 2012 income tax returns.  It is better to have too many documents for us to review than to miss a deduction you are entitled to receive.
  35. Year-end statements and summaries for your investments, 401(k), and other pension plans.
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